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atomarium - Micro World  Visualisation

 Ever growing resolution in observing the world has reached nanometers and picoseconds. Instruments like microscopes provide us with unsatisfying images of matter. We must use other ways to visualize the micro world.  At ICT 2008 Conference in Lyon, ATOMARIUM was announced  on  3D Display from Holografika. Holografika won second prize in "Best Exhibit" Award.

Duality Stereoscopic Projection System

The Duality 3D projection system provides affordable, high quality stereoscopic projection, allowing large audiences to watch immersive stereo 3D video using inexpensive passive polarizing glasses. Each system is tailored to meet individual requirements and can be supplied with front or rear screens in a wide range of screen sizes, ceiling or floor mounted. This type of 3D display sets the standard for effective 3D, surpassing all autostereo (glasses-free) systems, and is based on the same technique used in most 3D IMAX cinemas.


The Duality passive 3D projection system is based on a simple concept; integrating two low cost LCD or DLP projectors to achieve stunning 3D stereo images at a fraction of the cost of specialist active 3D projectors. The Duality system is suited to both real-time interactive visualisation and replay of stereoscopic 3D video. It is also suitable for projecting live 3D video from standard or high-definition cameras. Duality systems are available for purchase or rental.


Duality X3



  • Inputs: Dual stream left-eye right-eye video, formats supported include DVI, VGA, component, S-video, component, HDMI
  • Resolutions supported include SGA, XGA, SXGA, UXGA and above depending on requirements (see info below)
  • High-transmission polarising filters. A key differentiator of our system. These filters allow 50% more light through than standard photographic polarisers and also do not introduce colour distortions
  • Brightness from 2,000 lumens to 30,000 lumens and above depending on requirements (see info below)
  • 6-axis adjustable mounting system, with both lock down and quick swap fittings
  • Available with ether linear polarization or circular polarizing filters
  • Comes with 100 pairs of plastic/card polarising glasse, more available on request see our Polarising Glasses page
  • Wide range of lenses available 0.8:1 - 3:1 (throw to width ratios)
  • Front or rear projection screen options, with a wide range of sizes, 4:3 or 16:9 aspects, wall or free standing options
  • Option to include an active to passive converter, splits single channel active stereo (as used with stereographics) into two channel stereo. This is seldom required as there are generally other less expensive options. Please ask for details
  • Can be supplied for fixed or portable installation, ceiling or floor trolley mounted
  • Totally platform and software independent (SGI, SUN, HP, PC or any UNIX/Linux/Windows based system)
  • Available with motorised filter mounts to remove filters from lenses whilst not projecting in stereo



 Visualization and art

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Brain nessie
Diesel fashion show
Cheoptics Hologram
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