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33rd International Convention on Information and Communication Technology, Electronics and Microelectronics

Monday 24th - Friday 28th of May 2010 - Opatija/Ajbbazia, Adriatic Coast, Croatia
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Application: VEPPAR

  • Application name: ‘Visualisation Parallel Processing and Rendering’

  • Acronym: ‘VEPPAR’

  • Website: ‘’


Application short description & Main features

VEPPAR is a Grid Service Library Applications Framework for scientific visualisations. It's main idea is to provide a (more or less) generic tool(chain) which would enable scientists, researchers, artists and other users a system in which it is reasonable easy to make computer supported experiments (e.g. simulations) and visualise the results.

Computer modelling and simulation now plays a very important role in development of new processes, structural modelling and technical systems in order to make them as safe, efficient and reliable as possible. As science and systems increase in complexity, so does the amount of computation required to model them effectively. The scientists should be able to use the ICST (Information Communication Scientific Technology) infrastructure, computing power and visualization to further their research. Scientific visualization is an interdisciplinary field, which can only flourish when computer graphics experts cooperate with specialists from application areas, and providers of computing, visualization, and data management facilities. Promotion of e-Science infrastructure usage can allow all researchers to attain a new level of scientific understanding and presentation, thus enabling to further their scientific endeavours. Image programming for scientific visualization by cluster and Grid computing is a prospective roadmap. See:

VEPPAR primarily integrates several Grid Service Library Applications:


Experimental data acquired from NMR, X-ray diffraction and other experimental methods are usually stored into formatted files called PDB files that can be found at

Searching through PDB files and extracting or visually representing the results, usually requires a lot of programming or using a variety of software. To make these tasks easier we created the relational model of a database, and our web interface, which enables the user to send queries to database, retrieve the results, export them into ASCII text format or POV-Ray format and send them to a computer grid for rendering the animation.

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