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Meeting at Rudjer Boskovic Institute with colleagues from Computer Vision Laboratory (Faculty of Computer and Information Science - University of Ljubljana), Academy od Fine Arts and Design (University of Ljubljana) and Centre for Informatics and Computing (RBI): discussing future collaboration on scientific and artistic visualisation (regional and EU) projects.
Stereoscopic Display

Hyundai P240W 24" Xpol display

 These are a new generation of stereoscopic screen, looking like a normal monitor/TV, but incorporating Xpol micro-polarisers. The 46" model has excited the broadcast industry with a glimpse into the future of home 3DTV.

When viewed through circular polarising glasses, one eye sees odd and one eye even lines resulting in each eye seeing half the panel resolution. Based on a high resolution LCD panel, the displays can be used as 

 both 3D and a 2D display without any switching. In 2D the display has a wide horizontal and vertical viewing angle; the larger display having a very large vertial as well as horizontal viewing angle.


Hyundai 5240W 24"


The display is bright and has good contrast, benefits from low cross talk in the 3D image, and the use of passive eyewear means the display is flicker-free and offers comfortable viewing.

24": 2D resolution 1920 x 1200 / stereoscopic 3D resolution 1920 x 600 per eye (50 or 60Hz - NTSC or PAL).
46": 2D resolution 1920 x 1080 / stereoscopic 3D resolution 1920 x 540 per eye. 60Hz (NTSC) only.

Applications need to support horizontal interlaced stereo to work with this panel; these include the Nvidia Gforce video cards when running in full screen games mode and the bundled Tridef software. To display a live feed on this display a stereoscopic multiplexer such as Inition's StereoBrain Processor is required.

Included in 24" model package:

  • 2 x circular polarising glasses.
  • TriDef Media Player
  • TriDef DVD Player
  • TriDef Transformer
  • TriDef Visualiser for Google Earth


 Visualization and art

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