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Live opera performance in 3D

Inition and Can Communicate worked with Orange Labs to simulcast the first ever live opera performance in 3D.

3D scanning

Mephisto 3D Scanning Engine

Mephisto is one of the most flexible and adoptable 3d scanners. Applications include:

  • 3D face capture for films and computer games
  • 3D scanning for reverse engineering
  • 3D scanning for architecture and heritage
  • 3D capture of small objects for model making and jewellery


Scanning principle

gray code

Scanner uses the combination of Gray code and the digital fringe shifting technology. Binary patterns of the gray code are used to index projector image pixels, while phase shifting produces high precision sub-pixel accuracy without ambiguities.Mephisto interface allows us to choose a wide variety of combinations of binary bit words and fringe images. This way we can scan most difficult objects and surfaces, and it is possible to choose high pattern frequencies for unbelievable precision and quality or low frequencies for speed or to handle hair and fur. The fringe and binary code processing algorithms are designed to counteract hardware artefacts, projection imperfections, digital and analog system noise and other factors affecting 3D scanning quality.

Mephisto Software

The key part of mephisto 3D scanner is the software solution. It is based on three core components - Calibration, Processing and I0 Interface. Calibration is a very simple solution- geometric system calibration is performed using flat calibration board with checker pattern. It takes just 5 to 6 shots with different calibration board orientation angles to compute system intrinsic and extrinsic parameters. Robust calibration code uses bundle adjustment to optimize solution and produce perfect calibration results.




 Visualization and art

hologram-diesel Cheoptics hologram Playground
Brain nessie
Diesel fashion show
Cheoptics Hologram
 Polygon Playground
Revolutionary Hologram