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Non-volatile holographic storage in doubly doped lithium niobate crystals 

Nature 393, 665-668 (18 June 1998)
Photorefractive materials are being widely investigated for applications in holographic data storage1. Inhomogeneous illumination of these materials with an optical interference pattern redistributes charge, builds up internal electric fields and so changes the refractive index.

Thermal imaging

Thermo Tracer

cameraThe infrared camera NEC Thermo tracer TH7102WL  (IR camera) represents a quality instrument for the contactless measurement of temperature. Its main deficiency is that temperatures can only be read off in a single central point of the obtained thermal picture of the object measured  Using the additional programming support it is possible to choose any point inside the obtained thermographic picture of the object and get a quantitative and time-dependent value of temperature distribution.


The temperature value of any surface inside the thermographic picture can be represented in a numerical or graphical display. Besides the thermovision pictures recorded in the wave-length area of 8–14 μm from the IR camera, the system has been extended with an additional color camera that operates in the visible part of the spectrum. The simultaneous display of pictures from both cameras provides additional possibilities of analysis of the observed object in the process of thermal inspection. Measured data can immediately be processed in real-time and displayed on a laptop screen or can be transferred to a remote location using the web connection, where processing and graphical visualization on the basis of an existing measuring database is performed.


A further limitation of the standard IR camera consists in the exclusive manual operation of the functions and controls of the IR camera (off-line mode). The obtained thermo picture of the object measured can be stored on a compact flash memory card for later processing on a computer.Use of the existing IR camera’s interface allows connection with a computer and, with suitable programming support, the management, control and transmission of data to the computer.

Software support for controlling and measuring

The software support for the measuring system comprises of:

  • main menu of the ThermoWEB system,
  • ThermoCAM control, software support for control of the IR camera (TH7102WL),
  • ThermoWORK, software support for measuring of temperature and
  • Software support for remote control and data viewing over the WEB.

 Visualization and art

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