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Mail in the Digital Age

Royal Mail launched the first-ever integrated 3D campaign to demonstrate to advertisers and agencies the power of running combined direct mail and digital campaigns. Devised by Proximity London, ‘Mail in the Digital Age’ explains this effective combination in a mail shot to 3,000 advertisers containing anaglyph glasses and an invitation to watch the 3D film online.

Seminar on How to choose the right RP system?

Seminar title: How to choose the right RP system?


Topic: Discover how modern rapid prototyping technology from ZCorporation can help you with fast process design, more effective work and cost reduction. This seminar presents technology possibilities and criteria inside small work environments for personal discussion. 

Duration: 3 hours + extra time for individual conversation

Program for Croatia:


CADDprint d.o.o.,Tehnološki park Varaždin, Zagrebačka 89, 42000 Varaždin


Ruđer Bošković Institute, Bijenička 54, 10 000 Zagreb 


Sveučilište u RijeciTehnički fakultet, Vukovarska 58,51000 Rijeka


Fakultet elektrotehnike,strojarstva i brodogradnje, Ruđera Boškovića bb,21000 Split


Tehnologijsko razvojni centar u Osijeku, Ljudevita Gaja 6,31000 Osijek


Strojarski fakultet uSlavonskom Brodu, Trg I.B. Mažuranić 2,35000 Slavonski Brod


Infodata d.o.o.,Zagreb - CMP, Savica Šanci 111,10000 Zagreb


Registration is available online: Register


 Visualization and art

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