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IADIS 2008 - Multi Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems

Amsterdam, Netherlands 22 – 27 July 2008
The IADIS Multi Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems (MCCSIS 2008) aims to address two main subjects: Computer Science and Information Systems. The multi conference has different conferences according to several themes.


All pictures in this gallery are used for testing infrastructure of grid, and clusters.

The first picture represents light harvesting complex which was get from PDB database with code 1RZG found at the Protein Data Bank web pages. Every atom from database file is represented as sphere (spacefill method), and uses unique color which makes it different from other atoms. H uses light blue color, C uses white color, O uses red color, N is blue. Yellow colour represents sulphur. Every atom has it's own radius. All mentioned atom atributes were get from Damir Zucic's molecular visualization software named Garlic. All PDB data was exported to relational database (developed at Unveirsity of Split, Faculty of Natural Sciences, at the Department of Physics) specially designed for easier and faster visualization and analysis of membrane proteins, or other molecules.  Data salected from databse is exported into povray, and rendered on grid or clusters, depending on it's complexity.

Second picture uses same database , and it represents NMR STRUCTURE OF [F5Y, F16W] MAGAININ 2 BOUND TO PHOSPHOLIPID VESICLES, whic is also found on Protein Data Bank web pages, and has 1DUM code. To get the colour of the molecule, we have choosen it's hidrophobicity from Kyte Doolitle hydrophobic scale, which was normalised to values between 0 and 1. Shape was drawn by connection the atoms (yellow spheres) with each other by triangles, to fill the space. That visualization was very complex to render, so we used it to make benchmarks on SEEgrid and clusters.

Third picture represents unfinished ferite cube memory  block which was used for educational purposes.

Fourth picture represents a sphere made of cones used as control of virtue software. Every cone is a vector whose position is get from Virtue application which is used as pre processor before using povray or some other graphic software. After using Virtue, we used some script to convert it's code to  povray, and rendered it on isabella cluster.

The last picture represents one of benchmarking scenes rendered on grid or cluster. It is 20x20x20 matrix which is made from silver cylinders, and camera is inserted inside the scene.


 Visualization and art

hologram-diesel Cheoptics hologram Playground
Brain nessie
Diesel fashion show
Cheoptics Hologram
 Polygon Playground
Revolutionary Hologram