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Mail in the Digital Age

Royal Mail launched the first-ever integrated 3D campaign to demonstrate to advertisers and agencies the power of running combined direct mail and digital campaigns. Devised by Proximity London, ‘Mail in the Digital Age’ explains this effective combination in a mail shot to 3,000 advertisers containing anaglyph glasses and an invitation to watch the 3D film online.

Centre for scientific visualization

Cenvis Project Finalized

During its period of two years the Centre for Scientific Visualization Project has gone through a series of stages leading to the final establishment of an scientific, interactive  visualization environment . Its upraise started with adaptation of RBI facilities that was organized in order to insure safe, comfortable, dynamic and innovative surroundings were young scientists would be encouraged to foster new ideas and implement them. Facilities were then equipped with a range of 3D visualization technology from autostereoscopic displays to projectors, scanners, printers, data tracking gloves and other creating a platform for future training and development programs. Project ended 1st April 2009.

About the Project

The Center for Scientific Visualization is a project, financed by the 6th EU Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (FP6), which is seeking to map a new progress step towards the stabilisation and reinforcement of the Western Balkan Countries research potential trough the establishment of the state-of-the-art research and education centre for scientific visualization upon existing e-infrastructure research capabilities of the Centre of Information and Computing of Rudjer Boskovic Institute.

Project full name: Centre for Scientific Visualization
Project acronym: CenVis
Contract type: Specific Support Action
Project Coordinator:

Rudjer Boskovic Institute,

Zagreb, Croatia

Duration in months: 24 months
Start date: April 1st , 2007
End date: April 1st , 2009


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 Visualization and art

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