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IADIS 2008 - Multi Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems

Amsterdam, Netherlands 22 – 27 July 2008
The IADIS Multi Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems (MCCSIS 2008) aims to address two main subjects: Computer Science and Information Systems. The multi conference has different conferences according to several themes.

3D Scanner

Mephisto 3D Scanning Engine

Highly flexible and intuitive structured light 3D scanning system. Achieve fast, accurate, high quality scanning results with a minimum of processing time and user interaction. Suitable for small and large area scanning of animated as well as static objects.


Mephisto 3D Scanning Engine

The Mephisto scanning engine has a wide choice of options and capabilities which enable it to cope with the most complex scanning object and situations. It is possible to use high quality robust machine vision cameras for fast high resolution scanning, or expand the scanning range with a Canon DSLR for higher resolution and higher dynamic range.

The optical nature of the scanning system means that typical photographic procedures and tools are readily applicable to enhance results and workflow (like neutral density, polarizing etc filter, lens converters and other photographic gear).

The unique ultra fast algorithm computes a range image and triangulates the mesh at near real time speed. Simple and user friendly interface with project based software workflow means a shallow learning curve.

The Mephisto 3D scanner is based on high quality consumer and reliable machine vision components. This gives the advantage in maintaining low costs, easy maintenance and interchange ability, resulting in low offline time.

System error and precision depend on many factors, at the optimal working distance of 2m using 7 bit Gray code and 6 step fringe pattern it is possible to achieve 0.1 mm. Noise levels are reduced to 0.06 mm using image binning on AVT camera. Error remains consistent, as long as illumination level and contrast ratio is sustained.

  • Working Range 0.8m - 10m
  • Capture Area 0.5 x 0.7m - 6 x 8m

Due to square root falloff rule and ambient illumination influence, please bear in mind error will increase at large working volumes.




 Visualization and art

hologram-diesel Cheoptics hologram Playground
Brain nessie
Diesel fashion show
Cheoptics Hologram
 Polygon Playground
Revolutionary Hologram